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Smoke and fire damage cleaning services in Liverpool: Nova Clean

cleaning after fire smoke damage liverpoolFire cleaning is one of the specialist cleaning services offered by Nova Clean. Whatever the extent of the damage, our company is able to guarantee that the necessary protective measures are put in place quickly, and that the premises are restored quickly after a fire, in compliance with the required procedures and methodology. Our company offers smoke damage cleaning services in Merseyside: Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton.

Fires consume, but they don't just consume. Fire can leave all sorts of traces, smells and fumes that can be extremely toxic. The intervention of your specialist cleaning experts may therefore be necessary even in rooms that have not been directly affected by the fire.

Maintaining, cleaning and restoring premises requires specific equipment and compliance with precise procedures. Post-fire decontamination refers to the entire process of cleaning up damaged premises after a fire. Its aim is to erase or repair the damage observed. Soot is cleaned or stripped, burnt odours are eliminated and chlorinated fumes are decontaminated. After a fire, and with a view to stopping corrosion, it is also necessary to dry out the damaged building as quickly as possible.

Our specialist cleaning company can help to ensure that fire damage is dealt with quickly. We have the technical skills required to minimise the consequences of the fire and to implement the appropriate protection techniques depending on the extent of the damage.

Contact us for meticulous cleaning of walls, façades, roofs or furniture after a fire. We use the latest environmentally-friendly techniques for your post-fire cleaning.


Nova Clean Liverpool: Leading the Charge in Smoke and Fire Damage Cleaning

cleaning after fire smoke damage liverpoolWhen disaster strikes in the form of fire, the aftermath can be overwhelming. The damage caused by smoke and fire is not only destructive but can also leave behind a lingering reminder of the event through odours and soot residue. In such times, the services of a professional cleaning company like Nova Clean in Liverpool become invaluable. Specialising in smoke and fire damage cleaning, Nova Clean offers a beacon of hope, restoring homes and businesses to their pre-incident condition with efficiency and empathy.

The Immediate Aftermath of Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire presents a complex challenge. Smoke, a byproduct of burning materials, can infiltrate various surfaces, embedding harmful particles and odours. Soot, another residue from fire, can coat surfaces and items, causing further damage if not promptly and correctly addressed. The immediate response to such damage is crucial. Nova Clean’s team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring a comprehensive clean-up.

The Nova Clean Approach

Nova Clean's approach to smoke and fire damage cleaning is rooted in a deep understanding of the various types of smoke and their respective cleaning requirements. Whether it's wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke, or fuel oil soot, Nova Clean has the expertise to effectively remove these residues without causing additional damage.

  1. Assessment and Evaluation: The first step in Nova Clean's process involves a thorough assessment of the damage. This critical phase allows the team to devise a tailored plan that addresses the specific needs of the affected area.

  2. Soot and Smoke Removal: Utilising the latest in cleaning technology, Nova Clean meticulously removes soot and smoke residues from all affected surfaces. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, and personal belongings, ensuring that no nook is overlooked.

  3. Odour Elimination: Beyond the visible damage, the odour left by smoke can be particularly distressing. Nova Clean employs advanced deodorisation techniques to neutralise and eliminate these odours, restoring a sense of normalcy and comfort to your environment.

  4. Final Touches: The restoration process concludes with detailed cleaning and sanitisation of the premises. This not only ensures a visually appealing result but also a safe, healthy environment for occupants.

cleaning after fire smoke damage liverpoolWhy Choose Nova Clean?

Selecting the right company for smoke and fire damage cleaning is critical. Nova Clean distinguishes itself through:

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the field, Nova Clean’s team possesses the requisite knowledge to address the complexities of smoke and fire damage efficiently.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Leveraging the latest cleaning technologies allows for thorough and effective cleaning, ensuring the best possible outcome.

  • Compassionate Service: Understanding the emotional toll of fire damage, Nova Clean approaches each project with empathy and sensitivity, aiming to ease the burden on affected individuals.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Dedication to delivering superior results is at the heart of Nova Clean’s ethos. The company prides itself on restoring not just properties but peace of mind.


The repercussions of smoke and fire damage can be far-reaching, impacting both the structural integrity of properties and the emotional well-being of those affected. Nova Clean in Liverpool stands ready to address these challenges, offering professional, efficient, and compassionate cleaning services. With Nova Clean, you can trust that your property is in capable hands, poised to return it to its former glory.


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