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Are you looking for a cleaning company to look after your home or business?


NOVA CLEAN are experienced professionals working across Liverpool to service your home, boutique, hotel or office.

NOVA CLEAN work as a team to meet your cleaning needs more quickly, making use of experience and professional equipment to give your home or business a fresh look. We bring with us everything we will need to clean, so we can work in complete autonomy whilst you get on with your day. We offer after builders cleaning service and end of tenancy cleaning in Merseyside: Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton.

Why use a cleaning company instead of a cleaning lady?

From small apartments to whole buildings NOVA CLEAN have a team that can always meet your needs. No job is too big or too small, making use of techniques gained with experience NOVA CLEAN guarantee a top-quality job every time.

Specialising in a comprehensive range of cleaning services, we are dedicated to transforming your spaces into pristine environments. Whether it's the comfort of your home or the aftermath of construction work, our team of seasoned professionals is equipped to handle every cleaning challenge with unmatched expertise and attention to detail.

Our services include meticulous house and apartment cleaning, ensuring every corner of your living space shines with cleanliness. We understand the importance of a clean home, not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for the health and well-being of its occupants. Our after builders cleaning service is tailored to address the mess left behind by construction activities, removing all traces of dust, debris, and paint to reveal the true beauty of your newly renovated or constructed space.

For tenants nearing the end of their lease, our end of tenancy cleaning service guarantees a thorough clean that meets landlord standards, ensuring a smooth transition and the return of your deposit. Trust Nova Clean in Manchester to deliver unparalleled house and flat cleaning services that exceed expectations.

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Nova Clean Liverpool: Your Compassionate After Death and Hoarder Cleaning Specialists

In the heart of Liverpool, Nova Clean stands out as a beacon of support and professionalism in the challenging times of after death cleaning and hoarder cleaning services. Our compassionate team understands the sensitivity and respect required in these situations, offering a discreet and thorough cleaning solution that alleviates the burden during difficult periods. Specialising in the meticulous clearing and sanitising of environments affected by hoarding or the passing of loved ones, Nova Clean ensures a return to peace and cleanliness. With our deep knowledge of the unique needs of Liverpool homes and businesses, we tailor our services to each situation, guaranteeing a respectful and efficient restoration. Trust Nova Clean to handle the complexities of after death and hoarder cleaning with dignity, transforming spaces into clean, serene environments once again.

Premier Fire and Water Damage Cleaning Services in Liverpool

Comprehensive Restoration Solutions for Homes and Businesses.

NOVA CLEAN emerges as the leading provider of specialised fire damage cleaning and water damage cleaning services. Our dedicated team, equipped with advanced technology, is committed to restoring both residential and commercial properties to their pristine condition. At NOVA CLEAN, we understand the urgency and sensitivity required in the aftermath of such unforeseen events. Our experts are trained to handle all levels of fire and water damage, ensuring a swift, efficient, and thorough clean-up process. From initial assessment to final touches, we guarantee a bespoke cleaning solution tailored to your specific needs. Emphasising safety, reliability, and excellence, NOVA CLEAN's services in Liverpool are designed to minimise disruption and return your space to a safe, welcoming environment. Trust us to bring unparalleled expertise and compassionate care to every project, making your recovery process as seamless as possible.

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What exactly does "deep cleaning" involve, and how does it differ from standard house cleaning?

Deep cleaning is the intensive cousin of standard house cleaning, penetrating the hidden corners and crevices that regular cleaning might miss. This process involves meticulous attention to areas often overlooked: under heavy furniture, inside appliances, and atop high shelves. Unlike standard cleaning, which maintains a level of cleanliness by covering surface-level tasks like sweeping, mopping, and dusting, deep cleaning targets the buildup of grime, scale, and dust in every nook and cranny. It's particularly recommended for those instances when your home requires a thorough refresh - perhaps after a long winter or before a major event. Deep cleaning services include but are not limited to, descaling bathroom fixtures, deep-cleaning carpets and upholstery, cleaning behind appliances, and inside windows. This comprehensive service ensures that your home isn't just clean on the surface but is truly pristine throughout, promoting a healthier, more vibrant living environment.